• pic01We provide a COMFORTABLE, FAMILY atmosphere for Men & Women of ALL ages. We also have Dr.Frank Yanik, a Licensed Chiropractor, on site to ensure that ALL of your health and wellness issues can be addressed by TRAINED PROFESSIONALS.
  • pic02Fitness Evaluation and Personal Training Session.
  • pic03Our trainers and staff are all certified in their specialties through accredited agencies. Personal training by a Licensed Trainer assures you that you can get the individualized attention from real PROFESSIONALS.
  • pic04Dr. Yanik has SUCCESSFULLY treated a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints that include Headache, Backpain, Shoulder and Knee Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Disc Herniation, TMJ Syndrome, Sports Injuries, and Whiplash.
  • pic05We have everything you need to look great FAST!! Reserve your spot today if you want to look fabulous in your dream dress!! Also available to bridal party, mothers and mothers-in-law or to any woman who wants RESULTS!!
  • pic06Changes Health and Fitness offers the most complete "women's only" gym area in the Wyoming Valley.
  • pic07Our goal is to provide our members with "big gym options" in a family atmosphere! Changes is the only place for Men & Women of ALL ages to have a COMPLETE workout area all to themselves...
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Changes Health & Fitness Center ...

Welcome to Yanik Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center ...Yanik Family Chiropractic
& Rehabilitation Center!

At our clinic, you are sure to find a comfortable family atmosphere that promotes health & wellness!

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